Wire-o Binding

Wire-o binding is a mechanical type of binding suitable for the production of books, manuals, diaries, pads and calendars. It enables the bound item to be opened flat or flipped right round at any page, allowing its hands-free use whilst, for instance, operating a keyboard or machinery.

The wire can be obtained in a range of colours. Its main disadvantage is that once binding is completed the sheets are secure, so changing them later requires the removal of the old binding wire and replacing with new. The most popular formats are:

Straight binding which will result in the bound item showing wire on the spine as in the far left picture above.

Half-canadian binding in which the inner text sheets are bound into an oversized cover which wraps around them, as in 2nd from left picture. This gives the finished item a square spine that can carry text, like a perfect-bound book, but still allows the pages to open flat.

Hanging calendars where the binding is along the top edge, and the hanging function is usually done with a wire hanger inserted into the binding wire. The flipping of the sheets to show each month means that a “thumb-cut” is required on the bound edge, which allows the hanger to protrude at any point. A single hole drilled near the top is an alternative means of hanging.

Desk calendars where the text sheets are bound to and supported by a card ‘tent’ along the top edge. We can do the creasing and guillotining of the tents if required.

We have James Burn EX610 automatic punching and BB43H automatic closing machines, and also MAG50 and CM70 manual machines, that enable us to handle run lengths from 1 single item upwards, and sizes from A6 to A2.